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Garlic Cloves


What is it? Why the funny name?

Our all-purpose, hand-made, single-batch whipped garlic spread is an inspiration and celebration of different culinary origins throughout the world. Originally, we were inspired by a recipe known as Toum, although we found several other recipes similar to Toum, like Agliata a Greek recipe, or a Romanian recipe known as Mujdei, so we started to "play" with our food. Then one day, we found the PERFECT mix to enhance a "global appetite" and we had to share it with everyone we knew!

Our unique processing method allows the spicy essence and freshness of garlic to shine, unlike the bottled or pre-packaged garlic found in stores which doesn't compare to TGG!

THAT'S GOOD GARLIC is a versatile, high-quality and convenient spread sure to delight the pickiest of palettes.

Oh yeah, the name? When trying to think up a good name, we recalled folks' remarks once they tried our whipped garlic: "THAT'S GOOD!" was a common reply. So, voila! We had the name before we knew it!

We are sure once you try TGG!, whether fresh or cooked, you'll say "THAT'S GOOD!", as well.

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