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What's in it?

We proudly make TGG! in Washington and work hard to maintain a "West Coast" focus for sourcing our ingredients and packaging. We only use a Northwest-sourced non-GMO, expeller-pressed Canola/Olive Oil Blend. We source our garlic as close to home as possible and our lemon juice concentrate* comes from California. Last but not least, we use Kosher Sea Salt sourced out of Netarts Bay, OR.

When it comes to packaging, our bottles and caps are from Sumner, WA and our labels are produced in Seattle, WA.

*Lemon juice from concentrate contains small amounts of sulfites for freshness. 

Ordering on-line...

We've had a lot requests to ship our product, and we look forward to the next big-step! 

However, to make sure we can offer a SAFE shelf-stable product, its not just not one step. 

This has proven to be a very lengthy and detailed (and expensive) process, and there is no guarantee we will be shelf-stable in the end, yet we have no plans to give up and will exhaust all the resources we have at our disposal to reach our goal. Stick with us, we aren't going anywhere!

Shipping as a cold product has proven to be very costly and an unreliable way to make sure our product maintains 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We are working to resolve shipping logistics to ensure our product will meet your standards as well as ours.

Nutritional Panel

We are having a nutritional panel worked up with a local university and plan to release the info this autumn, 2018.